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Carol Seaman

As a child I was taught to embroider printed tray cloths  and handkerchief corners and learnt to machine sew on my mother's treadle machine. I moved on to cross stitch, curtains and simple A-line clothes for small daughters. I stumbled into City and Guilds in Embroidery in the early 90's, disliking the prospect of becoming 'just a housewife' and needing a focus, a stimulus. The opportunities the course provided to visit exhibitions and galleries gave me access into a whole new world.

Five years later, with parts I and II completed I was cajoled into visiting the Embroiderers' Guild in York, was soon invited onto the committee and now I am completely involved. I have had the privilege of serving as both Secretary and Chair within the Branch. I have also taught embroidery in Adult Education.

I prefer hand stitching and enjoy making felt (both wet felting and using an embellisher), silk paper, cords, drop spindle spinning and beadwork, creating a surface into which I can stitch. I am increasingly drawn to using metal threads in much of my work.

I prefer to work with natural images as a source, but architectural forms sometimes provide a stimulating design which I can then manipulate, print, layer and stitch.

Silk fibres
This box of silk fibres sat on my desk for a very long time as I loved looking at the threads, fibres and colours. Each side of the box gave a different image!
 It eventually was used to create "Waves" with all the things being carried on the tide.
Small section of "Waves" - Carol Seaman

This was one of my first pieces after we began as Diverse Threads. Working with the group has allowed me to go beyond the boundaries I had set for myself and to develop my ideas. The regular interaction with the rest of the group stimulates and encourages the design process, as well as helping to resolve practical issues.

        This piece was an exercise in texture using lots of different threads
       The aim was to show different depths across the piece by using
        light and dark shades. It also has beaded areas to show

 Laying down rows of stitches to give definition and to denote landscape came from satellite images taken way out in space. Working to recreate the sense of contours and differing types of terrain has given me a varying body of work - as each photo was so different from the previous one. Lots of couched threads and bead and sequin embellishments were used along with some sheer fabrics and many, many french knots!

                                                                                          "From a Distance 1" - Carol Seaman