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Cathy Needham

Cathy at work on' Stream of Blue'
After a degree in geology, I had a career at the Science Museum as an education interpreter. In more recent years I taught Egyptian Dance before deciding to pursue my love of textiles. I completed the City and Guilds Certificate and Diploma in Creative Embroidery in 2012. I exhibit both independently and with Diverse Threads.

'Petal Power'
In my work I strive to create vibrant and evocative pieces, reflecting aspects of the subject that interest me and exploring the inherent qualities of the textile materials. I am usually inspired by the natural environment and recent projects have drawn on form, movement and light in the world around me.

'Autumn Gust'

My approach varies, from abstract to more representational depending on the source topic and the 'feel' I want to evoke, but it is always characterised by a strong use of colour and texture.

'Foxglove' a more representational piece
'Stream of Blue' detailof more abstract piece

I always have a clear idea of how I want the piece to look, but I tend to work intuitively responding and adapting it at each stage of the process.

'Verging on Autumn'
The piece above was wet felted with fabric pieces, curly wools and silk fibres, but then richly hand embroidered to give the look I wanted. In contrast the piece below was wet felted in a similar manner, but I felt it was dramatic enough without further embellishment.

I find felt making a satisfying, versatile and rich medium as it provides endless possibilites of colour, type and shape. As well as 2D pieces I enjoy making 3D work such as those below.

3 small bright vessels on a nuno felt hanging
'Wave' bowl
Most of my work involves wet felting using soap, water and pressure to bind the fibres together. By combining merino wool with fabrics and other lustrous or textured fibres I can give more structure, depth and variety to the felt. Finally I assess whether it needs further embellishment, in which case I add threads, beads or stones and sometimes appliquéd fabric.

'Meadow Paths'
In the picture above I wet felted with fabric pieces, silk and curly wools and then densly hand embroidered over the top. The piece below, a nuno-felt bowl, has beads and thread embellishment.

'Coral Dawn'

Some more recent work from 2015/2016

The two pieces below are inspired by small areas of a Peruvian woven wall hanging we bought in Peru when we lived there in 2007. The textiles of Peru were what got me making textiles again and led to me doing the City & Guilds course. I have taken some of the Andean motifs and developed them into applique pieces. A lot of my more recent pieces have used applique, they each use a wide variety of fabrics with some bold stitching on top.

Andean Fragments I

Andean Fragment II

 Harmony exhibition

For the harmony exhibition at the Atrium Gallery of the Bexley Wing at Leeds Hospital I chose to explore colour harmony in my four pieces. Below are two of them, Harmony in Teal and Harmony in Coral. They each contain a wide variety of fabrics appliqued onto the background and four rich pathways of stitching leading around the piece from inner to outer edges. The pieces may look quite organic but a lot of time was spent arranging the fabrics and working out the stitch pathways to ensure a fairly even spread of fabric types and stitches across the piece.

Harmony in Teal

Harmony in Coral

Detail of Harmony in Coral

 Work from 2016

Below is a piece I made last autumn inspired by the Heleniums in my garden. It is wet felted with fabric inclusions, silk fibres and curly wools and then embellished with lots & lots of stitching.

September Gold
Detail of  flower centre

 Below is another small autumn inspired piece, wet felted with fabric applique and stitching on top.

Autumn Berries

You can contact me at cathy@ibisdance.co.uk
You can see more about me and my work at www.cathystextileart.co.uk 
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Cathy Needham Textile Artist