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Gwen Turner

Gwen Turner has always been interested in the effects of light and texture on colour. She has completed both a Foundation Degree in Visual Arts and the City and Guild's embroidery course.

Her interests have always been in the natural world both from scientific realistic detail to its interpretation into the abstract. Gwen's work includes photography, plant drawing and painting, life drawing and painting, etching and printmaking and printing onto ceramic and glass tiles.

She has found that 'painting with textiles' is inspiring and Gwen is developing her work on surface textures using dyes and fabric paints as well as fabric manipulation combined with hand and machine embroidery while continuing to pursue her long standing interest in applique.

Japanese Heian in the West

Perdita in Japan

  Work for "Harmony Exhibition" Atrium Gallery, Bexley Wing, St James's Hospital Leeds .
5th May until 29th July 2016.

Gwen Turner Autumn Leaves 2016

Gwen Turner Poppies 2016

Gwen Turner Water Irises 2016

Gwen Turner. Miss Wilmott's Ghosts. 2016

Work from past Exhibitions.

Silver Birches. 2014
Hand and machine stitching on batik.

Blues. 2012
Fabric collage. (detail)

Miss Wilmott's Ghost. 2012Painted silks, hand and machine stitched.(Detail) 

Eryngium gigantium.
Cut-back applique.

Eryngium bowl.
Silk fibers and machine stitching.

Blue weed bowl.

Crown bowl.

Fish bowl.

Honesty bowl

Hydrangea bowl.

Seaweed bowl.

Leaf bowl.

York gargoyle.
Silk fibres, machine stitching.

York gargoyle and pigeon friend.
Screenprint from original drawing and stitched.

Lady with friends. Beverley Minster.

Matisse cup and saucer.

Autumn maize.
Silk fibres, silks, and beads.

Moebius strip teapot.
Silk fibres.
After David Seeger.

Harlow Carr Vitis cognettiae hanging.
Silks, machine stitching and beads.

Whitby from the steps.
Fabric collage.

Under the Sea and Sand.
Fabric Collage.

 Gwen can be contacted at gwen.turner@lycos.com