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Linda Harvey

I studied Textiles and Surface Design at University Centre Somerset, graduating in 1994. I am a textile artist and Head of Textiles at a York secondary school.
The inspiration for my work mainly comes from the places I visit. I take photographs of anything that catches my eye as I like to capture a moment instantly.  My photographs then give me a starting point from which my work evolves. I will often work on several pieces at a time, as I enjoy an expressive and experimental way of working.

My work is inspired by rustic textures and the ageing process. I am drawn to anything corroded and tarnished and immediately see how it can be turned into a textile art piece.  

Colour and texture are the key elements in my work. 

Most of my recent work is inspired by the Yorkshire Air Museum.  During my visits to the museum I have become fascinated by the patterns and rustic textures the historic aircraft and artefacts offer.

Radial Engine


Under Attack
 I have used numerous textiles techniques for my works of art. For some pieces, I have hand felted the backgrounds first and then used the sewing machine as a pencil to free motion embroider. For other pieces, I have worked in reverse, enabling me to use thicker threads. This technique allows me to take advantage of any unpredictable and exciting changes that might occur.

At present I am experimenting with layering and cutting fabrics, putting together different textures to see how they contrast or compliment. Once I am happy with the fabric choices, I will stitch and slash the fabrics to reveal the different colours and textures. 

Some of my pieces are screen printed or rust dyed to discolour the fabric further. To embellish a piece further, I also use gold, silver or copper leaf, machine and hand stitching.

Linda is also a member of York Textile Artists https://www.yorktextileartists.com/