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Louise Goult

My work is inspired by people and relationships, often focusing on memories of times together and places visited – creating a snapshot of time.  

I enjoy creating pieces of conceptual work that contain a narrative with the use of fabrics and materials central to the work.  I use the materials to convey the story or feeling behind the work – it is essential to me that the materials are there for a purpose.  I often create my work using non-traditional embroidery materials including wood, paper, metal and everyday items such as sieves.

'Staithes on a Sieve'

Hand embroidery using vintage thread on a pre-loved sieve.

A representation of Staithes using a sieve as the base for the embroidery

More recently, whilst exploring the memories of place, I have discovered natural dyeing and now use these techniques extensively within my work.  The act of gathering plant matter and using it to create the colours within the work adds a sense of place to the finished piece.  Through researching and exploring the natural dyeing processes, nature has begun to influence my work more.  

'Seasonal Patterns'

Printed, painted, hand and machine embroidery exploring the patterns of the
seasons and the effect that climate change has upon these.
As a continuation from this I have begun to use pre-loved fabrics and found items within the work that I create, leading me to consider who used these items before me and for what reason.  This, in turn, often influences the final outcome.

'Journey of Memories'

Real leaves, naturally dyed fabrics and hand embroidery.

This piece explores how we make and hold on  to lots of memories through the simple act of being just us.  However, some of these memories are lost through natural means or through the ageing process.

'Beach Finds'

Machine embroidery on balsa wood inspired by the findings on the beach during a walk

My work is often underpinned by research into the chosen subject which often informs the choice of materials used to create the final pieces.  I enjoy exploring using traditional embroidery techniques – predominantly hand embroidery - on more contemporary backgrounds; this often adds to the narrative in the work I create.  

'Inequalities of Gloving'
Hand embroidered drawing a comparison between the poverty stricken
lives of the upper class people who wore them

I hold a City and Guilds Level 3 in Textile Art and a Level 3 Award in Education and Training.  I love passing my enjoyment of textile art and skills on to others and hold a variety of workshops at my studio and further afield.  I also work as a community artist with a range of different groups and societies.  

For further information email louisegoulttextiles@gmail.com