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Sarah Jackson

Sarah recalls her Grandmother teaching her to sew, knit and embroider at a young age, starting with the old-fashioned iron-on transfers to make a simple tray cloth. Over the years, Sarah has tried her hand at different crafts but decided to focus on textiles and embroidery with a City & Guild's course. She particularly values the contemplative and therapeutic aspects of stitching; a form of art that liberates the mind as it disciplines the fingers. Sarah makes frequent use of recycled and vintage fabrics, intrigued by the memories passed on through their threads.

Her inspiration often comes from classic designs of the 1920s to 1950s, particularly those of Enid Marx, Kathleen Mann, Rebecca Crompton and Lucienne Day. She also has a special affinity for design from Russia and Eastern Europe; the work of the Russian avant-garde female artists such as Varvara Stepanova and Liuba Popova are particular favourites as are folk art motifs. Sarah studied the language and both lived and travelled extensively in the former Soviet Union during the 1990s.
'On the sand-dunes' (detail) by Sarah Jackson

Sirin (inspired by Russian folk art) by Sarah Jackson
Sarah is particularly proud of the stitched book she created to celebrate her Grandmother's early life; the person who is also the inspiration for her business. See the website at: www.winifredtaylor.com
Her recent work has focused on highlighting the simplicity of the drawn and stitched line and can be seen clearly in Sarah's current pieces inspired by nursery rhymes.

Follow Me (inspired by 'Mary Had a Little Lamb') by Sarah Jackson

Sarah places great emphasis on educational work. She has run many schools projects both as an artist and a manager with the ultimate goal of helping pupils to express themselves and their ideas (see the workshop section of her website for further info). Sarah believes that textile art is - in every sense - a continuous thread; and takes great delight in sharing her knowledge of the lifelong skills that her Grandmother passed on to her.

Lazy Days (inspired by 'Little Boy Blue') by Sarah Jackson

Sarah first exhibited with Diverse Threads at the Theatre Royal in York in June 2013. She is a member of the mixed media group Decora and also runs the popular UFO (UnFinished Object) craft group in her local pub! Sarah is available for talks and private workshops.

Contact Sarah via her website or on 0789 9092299. Email: sarah@winifredtaylor.co.uk